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The Energy Coalition Foundation (ECF) is introduced in a June 27, 2003 article published on the internet by Oil & Gas Advisory:

"In contrast to the George Walker Bush administration's position, energy conservation and efficiency played important roles in a report released last week by an organization called the Energy Coalition Foundation (which, as of this writing, does not appear to have a web presence).

"The ECF is a creation of business mogul R. E. Ted Turner, whose charitable foundations help fund the group. A close look at the report shows some pretty powerful people from both sides of the U.S. political fence spent a lot of their considerable gray matter and time in analyzing American energy policy and suggesting changes.

"Members of the coalition include the following: C. Boyden Gray, a counselor to former President George Herbert Walker Bush; John D. Podesta, chief of staff to former President Bill Clinton; and Timothy E. Wirth, a former senator from Colorado and an advisor to Clinton on climate change.

"Using a number of working groups that involved business, environmental, and labor representatives, the ECF tried to come up with politically feasible ways to cut U.S. oil consumption and carbon emissions by one-third over 25 years.

"The ECF recommended incentives for both car manufacturers and buyers to spur faster adoption of fuel-efficient vehicles. It also encouraged more funding by state and federal governments to enhance the efficiency of electricity transmission and consumption. Unfortunately, attention given to the ECF's report faded fast."

Note: A cursory web search found no other articles or information on the Coalition.