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The European Foundation is the leading British Eurosceptic think tank.

Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives listed below are summed up in The Foundation's overall policy of 'yes to European trade, no to European government'. We believe that greater democracy can only be achieved among the various peoples of Europe by the fundamental renegotiation of the treaties of Maastricht, Amsterdam and Nice. The Foundation does not advocate withdrawal from the European Union, rather its thoroughgoing reform.

  • To further prosperity and democracy in Europe
  • To renegotiate the treaties of Maastricht, Amsterdam and Nice and prevent the ratification of the European Constitution
  • To reform and scale down the acquis communautaire
  • To ensure that future member states get a fair deal from EC/EU membership
  • To halt the continuing arrogation of power by the EC/EU
  • To prevent the UK from adopting the euro
  • To contribute as actively as possible to an informed public debate about the future of Europe
  • To liaise with like-minded organisations all over the world
  • To liaise with organisations affected by EC/EU action and policy


Its website states, "On 7 February 1992, under John Major's conservative government, the Maastricht Treaty was signed – a major European treaty pressing the European member-states towards a deeply troubling political, legal and economic unification. In effect, the European Union (EU) was born. By October 1992, in strong opposition to the Maastricht Treaty, a group known as The Great College Street Group – consisting of MPs, academics, businessmen, lawyers, and economists – was formed. The Group provided comprehensive briefs in the campaign to win the arguments both in Parliament and throughout the UK. Shortly after the Maastricht debates the European Foundation was created by Bill Cash MP, a member of the Great College Street Group, who had helped to bolster a significant parliamentary opposition inside the Commons throughout the Maastricht Rebellion crisis period." [1]



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International Advisory Board

Contact details

The European Foundation
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Phone: 020 7340 9631


  1. History of the Foundation, European Foundation, accessed March 2008.