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This organisation is an offsping of the United States Transatlantic Policy Network (TPN) (an US organisation dedicated to influencing EU policy, whose Members include Microsoft, IBM, Boing, SIEMENS, Phillips) and Internet Education Foundation, mainly targeted at influencing MEPs on key topics for its industry members.

The foundation invites only business lobbyists and EU commission officials to closed meetings. Quote: "...and after the dinner was finished, the main parties sat down to continue working on a solution acceptable to all."

"The European Internet Foundation is established as a legal, not-for-profit entity under Belgian law. It is governed by its Statutes and Bylaws. EIF´s structure reflects the principle of political leadership and control, while ensuring openness, participation and equity for business and associates members, who support the Foundation financially through annual fees." Only business entities pay membership fees.

"The European Internet Foundation is led and governed by our Political Members, all of whom are elected Members of the European Parliament (MEPs)."

"The Foundation does not itself take positions on specific issues."

Key members comprise Arlene McCarthy (UK labour), Elly Plooij-Van Gorsel (NL Liberals)

Board of Governors

12 MEP members

Business Members

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Policy issues

  • Internet governance
  • software patents