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Fahamu Trust

"The trust was registered in October 2003 and draws on the extensive experience and expertise of Fahamu Ltd, the UK based not-for-profit organisation. Established in 1997, Fahamu has played a pioneering role in using the new information and communication technologies to support capacity building and networking between civil society and human rights organizations. Fahamu has been building the capacity of human rights and civil society organisations in Africa through strengthening their campaigning, advocacy and organisational skills. Fahamu has developed a range of electronic newsletters on justice in Africa, including Pambazuka News (reaching an estimated 60,000 readers each week), as well as news and information services for health workers and other civil society organisations in Africa.

"The trustees of Fahamu Trust decided that it is appropriate to establish a separate charitable entity to receive and manage funds for charitable purposes that, hitherto, Fahamu Ltd has had responsibilities for. The trustees have established Fahamu Trust as a separate entity, with a separate board, that will, over time, take over responsibility for receiving and managing grants for those charitable activities that further the objectives of the trust, including supporting those activities of Fahamu Ltd that are deemed to further the trust’s objectives. Donations made to Fahamu are held by the trust specifically to further the trust’s objectives." [1]


Accessed April 2008: [2]


14 Standingford House
Cave Street, Oxford OX4 1BA
Web: http://www.fahamu.org/trust.php

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