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The Family Research Institute is a homophobic hate group that presents itself as a think tank and chaired by Paul Cameron, a former psychologist who has been kicked out of and censored by professional associations for his misrepresentations of scientific data to advance his homophobic views.

Information on who funds the institute is conspicuously absent from the organization's web site. [1]

See the page on Paul Cameron for more information.


In 1983 Paul Cameron started a group Institute for the Scientific Investigation of Sexuality. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, "He began to disseminate anti-gay propaganda in pay-to-publish journals with legitimate-sounding names, such as Psychological Reports, a Montana-based vanity publication that bills itself as "The Scientific Manifestation of Free Speech" and that charges $27.50 a page." In 1987 he changed the name of his group to the current Family Research Institute.[2]

Tagged as hate group

In November 2010, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) said that it will classify the Family Research Institute as a hate group. SPLC says that the relatively small Institute has a disproportionate influence because the propaganda about sexuality it packages as legitimate scientific research is picked up and amplified by politicians and news organizations seeking to counter the expanding gay rights movement.[3]


Contact details

Family Research Institute
P.O. Box 62640
Colorado Springs, CO 80962-2640
Phone: 303-681-3113

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