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Fundación Libertad, based in Argentina, "is a private, non profit institution working towards two main goals: the research and diffusion of public policies issues, specifically in the socio-economic and business areas, and the promotion of the concept of a free market society.

"Founded in Rosario, in 1988, by a group of businessmen, professionals and intellectuals, the Foundation has developed all its activities with the support of more than 200 private companies.

"Its projects include courses, lectures, seminars, research, studies and publications, as well as a strong permanent presence in the media, through the columns and television and radio programs it produces. The issues of these projects are economic policies, education, regulations, public spending, etc.

"Outstanding guest speakers have delivered lectures and conferences for the Fundación Libertad, among others Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel Prizes Laureates in Economics such as Gary Becker, Douglass North, Robert Lucas and James Buchanan, historian Paul Johnson, Peace Nobel Prize Laureate Lech Walesa and other intellectuals like Jean Francoise Revel...

"Fundación Libertad was officially founded in March 1988 by a group of intellectuals, professionals and businessmen of this region. The group had been working since 1984 setting up Fundacion del Orden Social de la Libertad, which had been the foundation's original name and certainly reflected the objectives of its founders: to spread the values of freedom in the context of social relations through study programs and research." [1]

International Programs

"There is no doubt that one of the key factors of growth of Fundacion Libertad was its international profile. From its creation, exchanges with institutions and individuals from other countries have been permanent. These institutions include The Manhattan Institute, with whom we work together in education and crime reduction for Argentina, The Heritage Foundation, The Cato Institute and others. A very important relationship with Atlas Economic Research Foundation (U.S.A), which cooperates with many institutions in the world, have been particularly important to enable joint activities with different countries. These kinds of links, among others, helped the foundation to develop relations with over two hundred foreign organizations.

"As a corollary of this international connection, more than one hundred and fifty specialists and experts of different nationalities lectured at the seminars and events that were held in Rosario. Furthermore, members of the Foundation attended workshops and international conferences in the United States, Chile, Perú, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico, France, Great Britain, Italy, Germany and Spain.

"In cooperation with the respective embassies the Foundation often organizes study trips to other countries for businessmen, politicians, educators and professionals. And finally, Fundacion Libertad participates actively in Freedom Economic Network which brings together many institutions of the world that contribute to the preparation of indices of economic freedom." [2]


Mitre 170, Rosario 2000
Santa Fe, Argentina
Phone: 54-341-410 5000