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Glencoal, a subsidiary of New Zealand’s biggest dairy company, Fonterra, is the owner and operator of the Kopako mine, an opencast coal mine located near Kopuku, approximately 70 km south of Auckland. The mine produces sub-bituminous coal for milk-processing plants in the region.[1] Glencoal also holds a lignite mining licence for the Idaburn operation in Otago.[2]

Company number: 173993[3]

Incorporation date: 13 Feb 1926[4]

Previous names: Glen Afton Colleries Ltd (01 Feb 1990)[5]

Number of shares issued: 2 500 000
Shareholder(s): More than 99% are held by the New Zealand dairy producers’ cooperative, Fonterra Limited.

Christopher Paul CALDWELL
Brent Denis MEALINGS

Current Permits[8]
3704551 Coal Mining Licence (Opencast) 13 Feb 1985–12 Feb 2025
Location: Waikato 761.8 ha Operation name: Kopako

37059 Coal Mining Licence (Lignite) 29 Mar 1985–28 Mar 2025
Location: Otago 19.1 ha Operation name: Idaburn

41559 Coal Mining Permit (Opencast) 01 Sep 1999–31 Aug 2025
Location: Waikato 37.6 ha Operation name: Kopako 3

50609 Coal Mining Permit (Opencast) 03 Nov 2008–02 Nov 2038
Location: Waikato 8.9 ha Operation name:

Additional information Coal Producer Member of the Coal Association of New Zealand Inc[9]

In 2008 Glencoal stated that at the current rate of extraction, the Kopako 3 Opencast mine would be depleted by approximately 2017. As part of its long term plans, Glencoal intended to utilise its coal reserves in the Maxwell block as part of the eastward development of the Kopuku sector of the Maramarua Coalfield. Glencoal stated that these blocks were part of the last remaining significant blocks of low cost, low sulphur opencast coal available in the Waikato, and could yield approximately 1,666,700 tonnes.[10] In September 2012 Fonterra announced that Glencoal would be applying for resource consents to develop an open cast coal mine on 30 ha of farmland that it owns near Maramarua in north Waikato. The proposed mine would replace the 18 year-old Kopako 3 mine.[11]

New Zealand Registered Office
9 Princes Street, Auckland

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