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GovTech Solutions is a "woman-owned, small business that specializes in Web site design, programming solutions in .NET and MS SQL databases." It provides "services to federal, state, and local government agencies and offices" and is listed on the federal General Services Administration and Ohio State Term Schedules, its website states. [1]

Mike Connell told Inside Business magazine in 2000 "that his company" New Media Communications, Inc. "dealt 'in a very niche market.' But the family business found a new niche when his wife Heather formed GovTech Solutions to pursue government accounts rather than political business," Chris Landers wrote for in a Center for Public Integrity profile.

"Heather Connell is majority stockholder in GovTech Solutions, and until September 2001, the DCI Group was a minority stockholder. While it is identified as a woman-owned business in the federal procurement database, Connell says his wife's company never sought formal certification as such, nor has it received set-aside government contracts," Landers wrote.

Connell told Landers that "he and his wife formed two companies because the two markets are different: New Media helps to advocate political positions, while GovTech's work provides a nonpartisan way for an office to communicate with all constituents."

"In some cases," Landers wrote, "New Media and GovTech Solutions have had contracts with the same clients. New Media might design a campaign Web site for a candidate who, once elected, would contract with GovTech to design a federally funded official site. At least four of the seven New Media clients who won House races in 2004 also used GovTech as the designer for their congressional sites."

In 2004, "New Media provided Web design services for the re-election campaign of George W. Bush, three senators and seven House members, in addition to the Republican National Committee. In all, the company took in $1.2 million for its work on the 2004 campaigns.

"By 2004, GovTech had served as Web designer for the official, federally funded Web pages of 37 members of Congress. And the following year, according to House financial statements, GovTech received more than $144,000 in business from 21 Republican House members and Republican-led committees," Landers wrote. / Server

The govtechsolutions domain is run in the same network block as, which is served by the SMARTech Corporation.


"The 2007 SBA Firm Profile shows Mike Connell as the Operations Manager. His wife, Heather Connell, is listed as President and CEO. The business is identified as a woman-owned company," Todd Johnston wrote March 27, 2007, in ePluribus Media.

"However, the articles of organization shows that Mike L. Connell was apppointed the agent 'upon whom any process, notice, or demand required or permitted by statute to be served upon the limited liability company may be served.'

"There are three principals named in this document: Mike Connell, Thomas J. Synhorst and Heather Connell," Johnston wrote.


The following are listed as GovTech clients:

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302 N. Cleveland-Massillon Road
Akron, OH 44333
Phone: 330 665-3483
FAX: 330 665-3486
Email: info AT

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