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The London School of Economics Hayek Society is a student group which supports free markets, free trade and the spread of democracy worldwide. It publishes a journal, called Ama-Gi, many contributors to which are former Nobel Prize winners. The funding for the lavishly-endowed society comes from a network of think-tanks and companies. Among these are the Adam Smith Institute, the Institute of Economic Affairs, the Institute for Humane Studies, The Claremont Institute, the New Frontiers Foundation, the International Policy Network and Stockholm Network.

Within the LSE, the Hayek Society boasts a large membership of European and North American intellectuals drawing from both conservatives and libertarians.

Due to the Hayek Society's status as an "associated society", its exact endowment is unknown. It is estimated however that it has an annual operating revenue of approximately £100 000.

Most of the revenue is provided through selling advertisements in the academic journal they publish, sponsorship and selling tickets to the lecture series they host.

The Hayek Society also runs a small publishing press, Houghton Street Press.

Previous members have gone on to work in the private sector; several have created their own companies; and some currently work for other think-tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute, Policy Exchange, and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

Past Speakers

It regularly hosts discussion groups and lectures, and in the past it has sponsored talks by the following speakers: (alpha order)

The group has established strong links with the LSE Director, Sir Howard Davies (former Director of the Financial Services Authority and Deputy Governor of the Bank of England), school governors (which includes several members of the House of Lords such as Lord Grabiner of Aldwych), the students union and student media.

The Executive Committee 2004-2005

  • Nick Spurrell -- President (Interim)
  • Larissa Price -- Vice President (Events & Discussion Group)
  • Orson Francescone -- Journal Team (Editor-in-Chief)
  • Alykhan Velshi -- Journal Editor
  • Peter Jaworski -- Journal Editor
  • Chris Abrego -- Journal Editor
  • Jon Waldman -- Journal Editor
  • Jon Gradowski -- Journal Editor
  • Aaron Maczonis -- Finance Team (Treasurer)
  • Chris Youens -- Finance Team
  • Phillip Barth -- Finance Team
  • Gregorio Bravo Garcia -- Finance Team
  • John McCarthy -- Events Officer
  • Karthik Sankaran -- Events Officer
  • Nick Phillips -- Events Officer

Advisors Emiriti

The Executive Committee 2003-2004

  • Nick Spurrell -- President
  • Lauri Tahtinen -- Vice President (Events & Discussion Group)
  • Erica Yu -- Journal Editor-in-Chief
  • Sarah Meacham -- Treasurer
  • Daniel Freedman -- PR Director
  • Natalia Mamaeva -- Secretary
  • Peter Bellini -- Financial Officer
  • Michael Chen -- Journal Team (Sub-editor)
  • Harry Cherniak -- Journal Team (Sub-editor)
  • Alykhan Velshi -- Finance Officer, Journal Editor
  • Louis Haynes -- Events Officer
  • Szymon Ordys -- Events Officer
  • Oliver Dully -- Events Officer

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