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Professor James Woudhuysen, also known as James Woods, is an academic and long-time associate of the LM group. He collaborates extensively with various organisations associated with the LM network, including Spiked Online, Transport Research Group, the Institute of Ideas and Novo, the German sister publication of Living Marxism. He is a director of Audacity.org with LM partisan James Heartfield.

Woudhuysen is a regular public speaker. The right-wing Transport Research Group held a conference in February 2003. James Woudhuysen was on the panel for a debate on congestion charging [1][2]. In June 2003, Woudhuysen spoke at a debate organised by the LM platform the Institute of Ideas: "A knowledge revolution? Information overload and the crisis of judgement" [3].

According to his profile on Audacity's website, Woudhuysen has variously run the Worldwide Market Intelligence Unit for Philips Consumer Electronics, edited Design magazine, was an associate director at Finch, the designers, and at the Henley Centre for Forecasting [4]. He is a professor at De Montfort University in the Department of Product & Spatial Design [5] and contributes to IT Week and Management Today.


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