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Jeffrey Scott Averbeck is president and CEO of SMARTech Corporation and also operates tAirNet Group, Inc.. Averbeck, who now works a consultant for the Republican National Committee, said "he backed into the political work when he was asked to help resolve an Internet problem" for the RNC in 2000. [1]


Averbeck is a "former executive of the video streaming company st3". [2]

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According to a September 6, 2005, press release, Ken Smith and Kurt Schaffer of episode49 of Chattanooga, TN, "collaborated on systems development services for local concerns for over eight years. They met while working at SMARTech prior to merging with Nextlec, later becoming st3. After st3 dissolved, they continued to support the needs of many local and regional clients by forming episode49."

Campaign Contributions

As Jeff Averbeck of SMARTech

  • 2000 election cycle:
  • $500 to the Republican National Committee. [3]
  • 2004 election cycle:
  • 2006 election cycle:
  • $500 to the Republican National Committee [7]

As Jeff Averbeck of Airnet Group

  • 2004 election cycle:
  • 2006 election cycle:

Cyberinfrastructre Workshop

In May 2006, Averbeck was listed as an expert and attendee at the Cyberinfrastructure Workshop in Nashville, Tennessee. [13]

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