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Jeff Stein is an investigative reporter of long standing in Washington, D.C., contributing articles on U.S. intelligence, defense and foreign policy topics for a wide variety of newspapers and magazines. An Army Intelligence case officer in Vietnam during 1968-69, Stein has authored three books: THE VIETNAM FACT BOOK: 1000 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ON THE VIETNAM WAR (Dell,1987)[1]; A MURDER IN WARTIME: THE UNTOLD SPY STORY THAT CHANGED THE COURSE OF THE VIETNAM WAR (St. Martin's Press, 1992)[2]; and (with Khidhir Hamza) SADDAM'S BOMBMAKER (Scribner 2000)[3]. In 2002, Congressional Quarterly recruited Stein to launch and edit the daily CQ/Homeland Security online publication.[4] In 2005 he became CQ[5] National Security Editor and launched a weekly column, SpyTalk [6], which gained a measure of fame when top U.S. counterterrorism officials and members of the House Intelligence Committee couldn't answer his basic question, "Can you tell a Sunni from a Shiite?"[7] An occasional contributor to the New York Times[8] and Washington Post[9], Stein was deputy foreign editor for UPI during the 1980s. He appears frequently on CBS, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, the BBC and NPR[10] as a commentator on national security issues.[11]