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Briggs Bomba "joined the staff of Africa Action in the fall of 2007. Before joining Africa Action, Briggs was the principal coordinator for the American Friends Service Committee “Life over Debt” campaign in Dayton, Ohio, responsible for developing and executing campaign strategies and mobilizing students and other constituencies in Dayton and its environs. Briggs has extensive experience working with social movements in Zimbabwe and other African countries. He has served on the management committees of the Southern Africa Social Forum and the Zimbabwe Social Forum. In addition, Briggs worked as the National Coordinator of the Students Against Privatization, coordinating right to education campaigns and resistance to privatization of public education.

"Before coming to the U.S., Briggs spent a year in South Africa, based at the Center for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation, coordinating the Zimbabwe Solidarity Campaign, working with civic society organizations to mobilize support for democratic and social justice initiatives in Zimbabwe. Briggs Bomba is a co-founder of the Uhuru Network, a growing network of young community social justice activists and performing artists in Zimbabwe. Briggs writes regularly on economic, development and social justice issues. He is completing his Masters in Social and Applied Economics with Wright State University." [1]


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