John and Summer Adams

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Sergeant John Adams, Florida National Guard (Ret.), and Summer Adams As a platoon sergeant in the Florida National Guard, John Quincy Adams carried the responsibility of approximately 30 soldiers located in and around Ramadi, a city located near the Sunni Triangle. In August of 2003, during a routine patrol, Adams was seriously injured when an improvised explosion device detonated near his humvee. As a result of the explosion, John suffers from TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), along with headaches, life-term vertigo and short-term memory loss. Other than the injuries related to TBI, John also sustained damage to his right arm and now suffers from a speech impediment. After an emergency surgery in Germany, he was transferred to Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where he had a metal plate placed in his brain. John remained at Walter Reed for almost a month to focus on his recovery. Through intensive rehabilitation and continuous physical therapy, he has made huge strides in his recovery. Currently, Adams is retired and lives in Miramar, Florida with his wife, Summer and their two sons, 5 and 7.Both John and Summer have joined CSAH as National Spokespersons in order to share help the thousands of other families traveling the road to recovery. Their story of recovery is a source of inspiration to other wounded service members and families, proving that although there are many emotional, physical and financial obstacles to overcome, it is possible to resume a normal and fulfilling life together.