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KTXL-40 is an affiliate of the Fox television network, based in Sacramento, California,

Station Owner

Tribune Company

Use of Video News Releases and/or Satellite Media Tours

In the 10pm news bulletin on June 10, 2005 the station broadcast an edited and re-voiced version of a video news release produced by MultiVu for the American Dental Association on saliva testing for diseases. The broadcast version was a FOX national edit. [1]

According to reporter Allen Salkin, KTXL-40 was one of several TV stations that "ran a video news release produced by the dairy industry about how eating cheese and butter can help people lose weight." KTXL-40 aired the VNR on April 21, 2004, in the 10 pm hour, pacific time. [2]

Response to Report

In response to a Center for Media and Democracy survey about station disclosure policies, a KTXL newsroom staff person told CMD on March 31, 2006, "We don't use SMTs." Another newsroom staffer told CMD, "We don't use VNRs."

KTXL-40 News Director Steve Kraycik released the following statement, in response to their airing a VNR from the American Dental Association:

The report that aired on KTXL June 10, 2005 was a news package produced by Fox News, that appeared on the daily Fox network news feed (there are multiple daily feeds to affiliates from Fox News in New York). KTXL identified it as a Fox network reporter and a Fox story. Contrary to the Center for Media and Democracy report, we did not "mask the VNR as our own journalism". As mentioned, we identified the piece as coming from Fox. Fox says its health producer did all of the interviews for that story herself. They were shot in New York. Fox says it does not rely on VNR company interviews for its news packages, but the network did acknowledge using some video of the dental technology from the VNR. We do acknowledge this report lacked attribution to the American Dental Association for that video, and that does run contrary to KTXL's own training and guidelines. Stations nationwide receive hundreds of news reports weekly from their affiliate networks. We regret that this one, nearly a year ago, made it through our system in this form. Since last June, KTXL has re-issued policies and guidelines to our staff on VNR issues.

Contact Details

4655 Fruitridge Road
Sacramento, California
General Phone: (916) 454-4422
News Phone: (916) 454-4548
General Fax: (916)739-1079
News Fax: (916)739-0559
Web: http://fox40.trb.com/

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