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Karlyn Bowman is a Resident Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. A member since 1979, she was Managing Editor of Public Opinion magazine until 1990. She has been a Fellow at the Institute of Politics, JFK School of Government, Harvard University, since 1985. From 1990 to 1995 she was the editor of The American Enterprise, the Institute's flagship magazine. Today she continues to work with the magazine as a senior editor and writes a polling column for Roll Call.


  • "Public Opinion Toward Congress" (with Everett Carll Ladd) in Congress, The Press, and The Public (AEI-Brookings, 1994)
  • The 1993-1994 Debate on Health Care Reform: Did the Polls Mislead the Policy Makers? (AEI Press, 1994)
  • "The Gender Factor" in America at the Polls 1994 (Roper Center, 1995)
  • Attitudes Toward the Environment: Twenty-Five Years After Earth Day (with Everett Carll Ladd) [AEI Press, 1995]
  • Public Opinion in America and Japan: How We See Each Other and Ourselves (with Everett Carll Ladd) [AEI Press/Roper Center, 1996].
  • Public Opinion on Abortion: Twenty-Five Years After Roe v. Wade (with Ladd) [1997]
  • Public Opinion About Economic Inequality (with Ladd) [1997]
  • What's Wrong: A Survey of American Satisfaction and Complaint [May 1998]

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