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Kevin Folta is professor and chairman of the horticultural sciences department at the University of Florida.[1] In 2015, The New York Times reported on emails that showed Folta "part of an inner circle of industry consultants, lobbyists and executives who devised strategy on how to block state efforts to mandate G.M.O. labeling and, most recently, on how to get Congress to pass legislation that would pre-empt any state from taking such a step."[2] Along with the story, the New York Times released dozens of Folta's emails for readers. [3]

Brooke Borel later reported for Buzzfeed that Folta created a "shady podcast" where he posed as "Vern Blazek" and interviewed himself, about himself. [4] Folta's podcast is sometimes guest hosted by Kavin Senapathy who also promotes GMOs.[5]

Attacks on Reporters and GMO Critics

Folta maintains an aggressive posture against GMO critics, regularly attacking them on industry websites such as Science 2.0[6] and the Genetic Literacy Project.[7] Targets of Folta include journalists Paul Thacker and Charles Seife,[8] Canadian teenage activist Rachel Parent,[9] and New York Times reporter Eric Lipton.[10]