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Legatum Institue (LI) is a right-wing think tank promoting "free markets, free minds, and free peoples". LI is a co-publisher of Democracy Lab (with Foreign Policy Magazine), a website dedicated to covering political and economic transitions around the world.[1] LI is a project founded and funded by the Legatum Group, a private investment group based in Dubai.[1] LI is based in London.

Main Activities

  1. Publish the Democracy Lab journal
  2. Publish an economic index: the Legatum Prosperity Index
  3. Host politicians and think tankers visiting London, e.g., Mitt Romney
  4. Publish Country reports with policy recommendations
    [citation needed]

Principals and Staff: 2012

Jeffrey Gedmin President and CEO Anne Applebaum Dir. of Political Studies Robert Hahn Dir. of Economic Studies
Nick Martin COO Julian Knapp Dir. of Communications Diane Zeleny VP of Strategy and Communications
Christian Caryl Managing Editor, Democracy Lab
Chloe de Preneuf Programme Coord. for Political Studies Chloe Sanham Events and Marketing Asst. Dalibor Rohac Deputy Dir. of Economic Studies
Edo Omic Research Asst. Hemal Shah Programme Coord. for Economic Studies Holly Bigham Personal Asst. and Communications Exec.
Jack Havin Cafe Manager Kambiz Jahanshahi Head of IT Systems Katharine Mineyko Events Manager
Kay Webb Graphic Designer Matt Baker Research Asst. Mary Schutzer-Weissmann Exec. Asst.
N'Jaimeh Cham Asst. Office Manager Nathan Gamester Research Analyst Raza Shah Web Developer
Ros Williams Exec. Asst. Stefania Lovo Econometrician Tom Campbell Office Manager
LI: People[2]


Legatum Institute
11 Charles Street
London W1J 5DW
United Kingdom
T: +44 (0) 207 148 5400
E: info AT li.com
Website: www.li.com


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