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Leszek Henryk Balcerowicz, born in 1947 Lipino, Poland. Graduated with honors Main School of Planing and Statistics in Warsaw in 1970 (presently Main Trade School http://www.sgh.edu.pl). Thereafter in USA; graduated St. John's University, New York, 1974. Returned to Poland and spent some time in the Communist party. Earned another degree from the Higher School of Social Sciences in Warsaw. Became Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Poland 1989-1991. In 1989 introduced the Balcerowicz Plan, a highly successful reform policy package which effectively moved Poland from communism to a capitalist economy. Was re-appointed in 1997 and served till 2000. In 2002 nominated chairman of Polish National Bank.

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Samoobrona (Self Defense) Polish Farmers Union, Opposition to the Balcerowicz Plan