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The Lincoln Alliance Corportation, parent company to the Lincoln Group, is on the list provided by the Coalition Provisional Authority and U.S. Department of State of "Companies Currently Offering Vetting/Due Diligence Services in Iraq."

According to the undated list:

"Lincoln is working with US and overseas corporations and oganizations to develop an in-country capability in Baghdad and Basra. Located both at the center of power and the commercial gateway of the country, Lincoln will act as a central clearinghouse for businesses seeking to do business in Iraq. Lincoln will provide the information, research, and contacts necessary to develop and grow business within the country. Lincoln will also provide a threat and risk assessment service through its ASP service, allowing clients to understand and mitigate the perceived security risk and dangers present in country."

Contact Details

1130 17th St NW Suite 400
Washington DC 20036
Tel: (202) 595-1350
Fax: (202) 595–0208
Website: (Redirects to
Email: cbailey AT

Contact for Iraq:
Sector 222, 34th St, Bldg 5
Karatet Mariam, Baghdad

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