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Lisa Britton Nelson (Lisa B. Nelson) has been the CEO of the American Legislative Exchange Council since 2014.[1] Prior to her current role, Nelson was the Managing Partner of Ulysses Consulting, Inc. where she specialized in "issue-based legislative and regulatory efforts, government and corporate relations."[2] Until 2014, Nelson worked as a lobbyist for Visa. From 1998 to 2005, Nelson "managed a team of both federal and state policy lobbyists" for AOL and Time Warner.[2]

Before her career as a corporate lobbyist, Nelson worked in politics as Public Affairs Liaison for Newt Gingrich, and as the executive director of the Republican training organization GOPAC. Nelson's bio boasts that she lead "the campaign effort for the first Majority in Congress for Republicans in over 40 years in 1994."[2]

Nelson has sat on the board of the American Council of Young Political Leaders, Meridian International, and the Business-Government Relations Council. Nelson also wrote for the National Review, and "founded the National Review Institute."[2][3] She currently serves on the board of the State Financial Officers Foundation.

In 2018, the Trump White House invited Nelson to serve as a Commissioner for the White House Fellows Program. In July of 2019, Nelson attended a "listening session with women leaders" at the White House with Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conaway.[4]

Nelson has said that the role of ALEC is to put "state legislators in touch with businesses and others who want to push pro-growth policies" further stating that ALEC "often writes model legislation that legislators can adapt.”[5]

Nelson contributes opinion pieces to the Hill,[6] US News & Report[7] and other publications.

According to hatemonger David Horowitz, Horowitz and Nelson are "old friends."[8]


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