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Marcela Garcini is the Director of Parental Outreach for Hispanic Council for Reform and Education Options (CREO).

Born in Mexico, Marcela Garcini graduated from the University of Mexico Valley with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Science. Before moving to the United States in 1995 she worked for the government in Mexico City.

"In November 2003 Marcela accepted the opportunity to Direct Project CREO, a specific initiative of Hispanic CREO, whose mission is to inform parents about their rights under No Child Left Behind. Project CREO is designed to reach Latino families and children most in need," her biographical note states. [1]

In September 2005 Greg Topp reported in USA Today that in October 2004, just ahead of the Presidential election, an opinion column by Garcini in the Dallas Morning News had criticised the Dallas school systen for not embracing the changes in the George W. Bush's 2005 No Child Left Behind Act. "I am tired of hearing excuses about the lack of funding for schools, particularly under No Child Left Behind," she wrote. [2]

"In 2003 and 2004, Garcini's nonprofit group, the Hispanic Council for Reform and Education Options (CREO), received two unsolicited grants, totaling $900,000, from the U.S. Education Department, to promote school choice and tutoring options for Hispanic children. But in two op-eds in the Morning News and a third that appeared in two Spanish-language publications earlier in 2004, Garcini never disclosed, as was required by law, that CREO had received the government grants," Toppo reported. [3]

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