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The Massachusetts Affordable Reliable Electricity Alliance (Mass AREA) describes itself as "a diverse group of business, labor, and community leaders committed to finding clean, low-cost and reliable electricity solutions that foster prosperity for all." [1]

Mass AREA was described as "a broad-spectrum coalition of leaders who say they plan to use a combination of political muscle and public relations to encourage support for new power plants" by Platt's Power Markets Week ("New lobby pushes Massachusetts to develop more power plants over NIMBY resistance," January 16, 2006). The trade publication added:

The ISO [a non-profit company that operates New England's energy grid] and other planners say the state needs to be less dependent on pricey gas-fired generation, which produces about 44% of electric supply in the region. But developers warn that diversification is unlikely as long as NIMBYism and environmental regulations make it hard to site coal-fired, nuclear or large-scale wind projects in New England. Existing coal-fired generation supplies about 22% of the state's power, oil 16%, nuclear 12%, hydro 2% and other sources about 4%.

Environmentalist turned industry PR consultant Patrick Moore is an advisor to Mass AREA. [1]

Supporting nuclear power

In a January 2007 press release, Mass AREA announced that it was "testifying in favor of extending the license of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, Massachusetts for an additional 20 years." [2] (PDF file) The Pilgrim plant is owned by Entergy. [3]


Mass AREA's members include: [4]

Contact information

Ten Milk Street, Suite 411
Boston, MA 02108-4600

Phone: 617-259-1791
Email: info AT

Communications Director Joyce McMahon (of McMahon Strategic Communications)
Phone: 978-430-8847
Email: joycemcmahon AT

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  • Patrick Moore, op/ed: "Nuclear power: Massachusetts is facing up to carbon choices," The Patriot Ledger (Quincy, Massachusetts), April 12, 2008.