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Maura Payne, also known as "Maura Ellis," is a public relations employee for R.J. Reynolds. In 2008 the company is known as Reynolds American, Inc. She often serves as a company spokesperson, and has worked for the company since at least 1981. In 2009, she was listed as Vice President of Communications at Reynolds American[1] [2]

In 1988, when Arizona's Board of Pharmacy asked RJR to voluntarily remove the new, "smokeless" Premier Cigarette from the market until testing could be done to determine whether it was a drug delivery device, Maura Payne stated that the company had no plans to withdraw Premier. [3] RJR eventually pulled Premier from the market.

In 1990, in response to information that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was going to declare secondhand smoke a known human carcinogen, Ms. Payne stated to the Greenboro News and Record, ""We think this is a leaked document to further an anti-smoking political 'agenda.'"[4]

In 1991, her goals included convincing employers to accommodate smoking rather than making their facilities entirely smoke-free, issuing communications pieces and strategies to highlight the "unfairness" of federal excise taxes on cigarettes, and to help other departments at RJR, like marketing and R&D, "avoid negative issues and maximizing positive messages" about cigarettes and smoking[5]


She attended University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.[6]

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