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Memogate, also called Cybergate, was the internal U.S. Senate investigation "into whether Republican aides unethically (and perhaps illegally) tapped into Democratic computer files containing private judicial-nomination strategy memos and leaked them to the press."[1]

Neil A. Lewis wrote in the March 5, 2004, edition of the New York Times:

"For 18 months, at least two Republican Senate staff aides engaged in unauthorized and possibly illegal spying by reading Democratic strategy memorandums on a Senate computer system, according to a report released on Thursday by the Senate sergeant-at-arms.
"The 65-page report concluded that the two Republican staff aides, both of whom have since departed, improperly read, downloaded and printed as many as 4,670 files concerning the Democrats' tactics in opposing many of President Bush's judicial nominees. The report, the result of an investigation undertaken at the request of the Senate Judiciary Committee, suggested that many other Republican staff aides may have been involved in trafficking in the stolen documents."

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  • Lisa Graves, "Wall Street Journal Becomes "Top" U.S. Paper: Memories of Memogate and Manny Miranda," [1]