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Mike Roos was the Majority Floor Leader for the Democratic Party in Californian State Assembly in the 1980-86 period. He was also willing to receive a substntial payment from the Tobacco Institute to be a keynote speaker and guest at their Government Relations Seminar,

He was born in Memphis Tennessee and had a BS from Tulane University and a Masters from the University of Southern California. He was on the Executive Board of the State Democratic Party, and in 1976 on the state finance committee for Jimmy Carter.

Documents & Timeline

1977 Elected to the Californian State Assembly.

1980-86 + Majority Floor Leader for the Democrats.

1987 Nov 1-4 The Tobacco Institute's annual Government Relations Seminar. This is a winter knee's-up where the various State Representatives get to bring their wives for three days of wining and dining with the Washington TI staff. It is held at the Ritz-Carlton [and Hilton Beach Hotel], Lugana Beach, Calif Along with 50-100 Head ofice, State Division and Regional TI Staff there are a handful of special guests:

Mike Roos' biog is included:

The Honorable MIKE ROOS (D), from Los Angeles, California, was elected Speaker Pro Tempore, the number two position in the State Assembly, on December 1,1986. The Speaker Pro Tempore exercises the powers and performs the duties of the Speaker during his absence, including presiding officer of the 80-member Assembly.

Roos was first elected to the State Assembly In 1977, and served as Majority Floor Leader from 1980 through 1986, the longest tenure in the history of the Assembly. As Majority Leader, he was responsible for steering his parry's legislative program on crime, toxic waste control, education and landlord/tenant laws through the Assembly.

He was born In Memphis, Tennessee, and received a BS degree from Tulane University and a master's degree from the University of Southern California.

Politically active, Roos was on the state finance committee for Jimmy Carter in 1976, a member of the Executive Board of the State Democratic Party and a member of the Democratic National Committee's Compliance Review Commission. His early involvement in national politics was highlighted In November, 1979, when he was selected by President Jimmy Carter to serve as his California campaign coordinator.


It's not difficult to see why the Tobacco Institute would like to have him mingle with a few hundred dedicated tobacco lobbyists, with the appropriate amount of wining and dining, and the occasional game of golf.]