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Mischa Popoff is a conservative organic naysayer affiliated with the Heartland Institute. He is the author of Is it Organic?

Organic Food Industry

Popoff claims to be an "International Organic Inspectors Association (IOIA) Advanced Organic Farm and Process Inspector."[1] Although Popoff was an organic inspector for a period of time, "Advanced Inspector" is a position that does not exist, according to Executive Director of IOIA Margaret Scoles. She was quoted by the organic watchdog non-profit organization Cornucopia Institute as saying, “In 2008, I asked him to discontinue using the term because there is no such thing [Advanced Inspector]. He just made up the title. We asked him not to use the IOIA name in any way to imply membership status with our association, but his continued use of our name on his website and in his emails still causes confusion.”[2]

Popoff claims to be an advocate for organic foods, while lambasting the industry as corrupt and deceptive. He claims that as an insider and expert he has a better understanding of the organic food industry and its flaws. His main argument is that there is insufficient inspection and regulation of organic farms. He believes that the organic food industry is now just a "glorified marketing system." He also argues that the only thing certain about organic foods is that they are not GMOs.[3]

Campaign for Political Office

In early 2013, Popoff ran to be a Member of the Legislative Assembly for Boundary-Similkameen in British Columbia, Canada. He was dropped as a Conservative candidate after making controversial comments about single mothers. Popoff was quoted by the Vancouver Sun criticizing single mothers for having a child "without a man by their side," and called the Missing Women Inquiry a "waste of money."[4]

Contact Information

Website: http://isitorganic.ca

Email: mischa@isitorganic.ca

Articles and Resources


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