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Moorburg Power Station in Hamburg, Germany is a 1680 MW coal plant under construction by Vattenfall Europe. In April 2008 the Power in Europe energy industry newsletter foreshadowed that the project might be blocked as a part of a power sharing agreement between the conservative Christian Democratic Union and the Green Party following the mid-February Hamburg elections. The Greens opposed the project proceeding, which would emit more than 8 million tonnes of Co2 a year. Vattenfall aim to have the project completed by 2012.[1]

Despite opposition, the project has proceeded, though there have been delays to to defective steel. Completion is expected in 2014.[2]

The 830 MW coal-fired power plant in Moorburg, Hamburg, went online in March 2015.[3]

In September 2016 Vattenfall said it aims to sell its new coal-fired plant in Moorburg, Germany, some time in the next five years.[4]

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