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OzProspect was founded in 2001 and "is a non-profit, non-partisan organisation incorporated in Victoria" which aims to develop "new voices and new ideas in Australian public debate." OzProspect "is modelled on the New America Foundation in Washington DC." [1]

Tim Watts is the Founding Director of OzProspect and he is also a Research Fellow with the Australia & New Zealand School of Government and Consultant with The Nous Group. The Assistant Director is Emma Cahill.

Advisory Board

  • Mark Davis
  • Tim Flannery
  • Greg Barns - columnist with The Hobart Mercury and author of What’s Wrong with the Liberal Party?
  • Kathy Bail - Kathy is Editor of The Bulletin
  • Lorraine Elliott - former Victorian Liberal MP and Parliamentary Secretary for the Arts
  • Professor Cheryl Saunders - teaches at University of Melbourne Law School
  • Dr Fiona Stewart - founder of consumer rights website NotGoodEnough.org
  • Hugh Martin - assistant editor, features at The Age and co-editor of Australia’s Population Challenge




c/o Tim Watts, ANZSOG, PO Box 4023, Parkville VIC 3052
Tel: (03) 8344 1986
Fax: (03) 8610 1258
Mobile: 0403 924 465
Email: tim (AT) ozprospect.org
Web: http://www.ozprospect.org/