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Parli Thermal Power Station is a 1,380-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station owned by Maharashtra State Power Generation Company (MSPGCL), a Maharashtra government owned company in India.[1]

Location of old plant

The original plant (units 1-5) is located on the north side of Parli-Vaijnath, Beed district, Maharashtra state.

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Location of plant expansion

The plant expansion (units 6-8) is located about 5 kilometers north of the old plant.

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Background on units 1-5

The first five units were built from 1971 through 1987 on the north side of Parli-Vaijnath. Units 1-2 (30 MW each) were built 1971-172 and retired in 2010. Units 3-5 are 210 MW each, and were completed from 1982 to 1987.[1]

Units 6-8 expansion

The expansion of the plant began in 2007 with the addition of Unit 6 (250 MW). Unit 7 (250 MW) was completed in 2010.[2]

Unit 8 (250 MW) began construction in 2009,[2][3][3] and is projected for commissioning in October 2015.[4][5]

However, in October 2015 MahaGenco said it would defer commissioning of the new unit until the next monsoon season in mid-2016, due to water shortages.[6]

Unit 8 was commissioned in March 2016.[7]

Plant shuts after water crisis

In February 2013, the plant was shut down because of a severe water shortage in the Marathwada region. The plant normally receives water from the Khadka dam but the supply was stopped when the reservoir behind the dam nearly dried up.[8]

In October 2015 it was reported that five units at the Parli power station had been closed since July 2015 due to a lack of water.[6]

Project Details

Sponsor: Maharashtra State Power Generation Company (MSPGCL)
Location: Parli-Vaijnath, Beed district, Maharashtra

  • Old plant (units 1-5): 18.8684504733, 76.5253684316 (exact)
  • Plant expansion (units 6-8): 18.9075857, 76.5429497 (exact)

Status: Retired (Units 1-2); Operating (Units 3-8)
Capacity and year of commissioning:[9]

  • Unit 1: 30 MW (1971) - Retired 2010
  • Unit 2: 30 MW (1972) - Retired 2010
  • Unit 3: 210 MW (1980)
  • Unit 4: 210 MW (1985)
  • Unit 5: 210 MW (1987)
  • Unit 6: 250 MW (2007)
  • Unit 7: 250 MW (2010)
  • Unit 8: 250 MW (2016)

Type: Subcritical
Coal Type:
Coal Source:
Estimated annual CO2:
Source of financing:



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