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The mission of Patrick Henry College, as adopted by the Board of Trustees September 28, 2002, is "to train Christian men and women who will lead our nation and shape our culture with timeless biblical values and fidelity to the spirit of the American founding. In order to accomplish this mission, the College provides academically excellent higher education with a biblical worldview using classical liberal arts core curriculum and apprenticeship methodology." The College's vision is "to aid in the transformation of American society by training Christian students to serve God and mankind with a passion for righteousness, justice and mercy, through careers of public service and cultural influence." [1]

The College's "Statement of Faith" includes, but is not limited to, the acknowledgment that "Jesus Christ literally will come to earth again in the Second Advent" and that "Satan exists as a personal, malevolent being who acts as tempter and accuser, for whom Hell, the place of eternal punishment, was prepared, where all who die outside of Christ shall be confined in conscious torment for eternity." [2]

The College does not accept any form of direct or indirect "government funding", does not borrow money, and is supported solely through student tuition and "the generous gifts of our friends and supporters, which will allow us to build and expand our campus, provide student financial aid, and establish an endowment fund to keep the college on solid financial footing." [3]

Board of Trustees


In his May 1, 2004, article "Thou shalt be like Bush" about Patrick Henry College, Andrew Buncombe describes what some call an "alarmingly close" link between the College and the Bush administration:

Patrick Henry College in rural Virginia is not your average American university. The students - about 75 per cent of whom have been taught at home - sign a statement before they arrive, confirming (among other things) that they have a literal belief in the teachings of the Bible.
What makes this recently established, right-wing Christian college unique are the increasingly close - critics say alarmingly close - links it has with the Bush administration and the Republican establishment. This northern spring, of the almost 100 interns working in the White House, seven are from Patrick Henry. Another intern works for the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign, while another works for President George W. Bush's senior political adviser, Karl Rove. Yet another works for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad.
Nearly every graduate works in government or with a conservative advocacy group.[4] Over the past four years, 22 conservative members of Congress have employed one or more Patrick Henry interns. Janet Ashcroft, the wife of Bush's Bible-thumping Attorney-General John Ashcroft, is one of the college's trustees.
The college's openly stated aim is to train young men and women "who will lead our nation and shape our culture with timeless biblical values".


One Patrick Henry Circle
Purcellville, VA 20132
Phone: (540) 338-1776
Fax: (540) 338-8707
Email: info AT

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