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"Paul Taaffe was appointed as CEO of Huntsworth on 7 April 2015. Paul has wide experience in communications and marketing, most recently as the Director of Communications at Groupon, the international e-commerce company. Prior to that, he enjoyed a 20 year career with Hill & Knowlton Inc, the global communications consultancy and subsidiary of WPP plc, including nine years as its Chairman and CEO. " [1]

Paul Taaffe is the former Chairman and Chief Executive of the public relations firm, Hill & Knowlton.

"His current clients are primarily international companies engaged in communications across borders and include Kellogg, American Express and GE Capital. He was previously president of Hill & Knowlton in Europe, Middle East and Africa, and prior to that, chief executive of Hill & Knowlton UK," his biographical note states. [1]

"Before joining Hill & Knowlton, Mr. Taaffe was managing director of Shandwick Consultants where he was responsible for financial public relations, corporate and business-to-business communications programs on both national and international clients. Some of his major clients included Bass plc, 3i, Goldman Sachs and Touche Ross," it states. [2]

"Before joining Shandwick Consultants, Mr. Taaffe ran a group in a strategic communications consultancy where he developed communication programs for organizations such as Digital Equipment, General Electric, Unisys, Crosfield Electronics and Kodak," it states. [3]

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