Pharmacists for Life

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Pharmacists for Life is an organization that encourages pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions such as birth control pills that interfere with their religious conscience.

In March 2005 Media Matters of America reported that "the organization is rather obscure. Pharmacists for Life's most recent IRS filings indicate that the organization has no paid employees and raised and spent less than $30,000 in 2003 (the most recent year for which figures are available), with more than half going for "VIT, GLOVES, SUPPLIES." [1]


Karen Brauer is president. Brauer has filed a lawauit against Kmart which dismissed her for refusing to fill a contraceptive prescription.


Funding for the organization and Karen Brauer's lawsuit comes from the American Center for Law and Justice (Pat Robertson, founder and president). [2]


  • "Pharmacists are under no obligation, even if written in the positive law, to violate the Divine Law." [3]
  • "Will Terri undergo the same fate as these gypsy innocents at Auschwitz?" [accompanied by photos of Auschwitz]