Philip Morris Incorporated (Philip Morris U.S.A.)

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Philip Morris Incorporated (Philip Morris U.S.A.) (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Philip Morris Co., Inc.): A wholly-owned subsidiary of Philip Morris Co., Inc.


Philip Morris Inc. abbreviations are Philip Morris or PMI. Located in New York. A Virginia corporation whose principal place of business is located at 120 Park Ave., New York 10016 (D.B. complaint, 4/94), Philip Morris v. ABC Motion for Judgment 3/24/94). Agent for service of process is MR. Hill B. Welford, Jr., Esq. 951 East Byrd St., Richmond, VA 23219 (D.B., complaint 4/94). Philip Morris Inc. (Philip Morris U.S.A.) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Philip Morris Co., Inc. (Castano List of Aff. Philip Morris 5/20/94). Philip Morris, Inc. is represented in the Castano case by Adams & Reese, New Orleans, LA and Shook, Hardy & Bacon P.C., Kansas City, MO. Philip Morris began marketing cigarettes in the United States in 1902 (L. White Merchants 1988). The Marlboro brand was used by Philip Morris in the 1920s and 1930s, for a women's cigarette promoted with the slogan, Mild as May (L. White, Merchants 1988). In 1954, Philip Morris reintroduced Marlboro filtered cigarettes (L. White, Merchants 1988). Chicago advertising Executive Leo Burnett created the Marlboro man and Marlboro Country in 1953-1954? (L. White, Merchants 1988). In 1987?, Philip Morris test marketed a menthol brand it called Philip Morris Blues in a royal blue pack with green stripes and a reflective brand of silver foil encircling the brand name (L. White, Merchants 1988). Philip Morris has a 1992 patent $5,144,962 for an alternative nicotine delivery system. Electrically powered flavor-delivery article for the delivery of tobacco flavor components to produce the taste and sensation of smoking without burning tobacco (J. Slade statement 3/25/94 table 2). Philip Morris has a 199? patent #5,240,012 for an alternative nicotine delivery system. Disposable carbon heat source and tobacco flavor producing element ejectable after use from a reusable holder, while similar devices are described as producing a nicotine containing aerosol the word nicotine is not used at all in reference to this article (J. Slade Statement 3/25/94 table 2). Universal Leaf is the company that buys tobacco for Philip Morris in 1985-1988 (L. White, Merchants 1988). Universal Leaf owned tobacco leaf-processing plants in Brazil in 1985. (L. White, Merchants 1988). The Basic cigarette brand is made by Philip Morris Cos. but the name on the package is Famous Value Brands, a division of Philip Morris (W-SJ 2/17/92). Best Buy, Shield, Top Choice, and ValueCrest cigarettes are private-label cigarette brands that Philip Morris makes for other companies to distribute in 1993 (Chic. Trib. 8/20/93. Brandweek 5/24/93). Philip Morris, Incorporated (Philip Morris U.S.A.) is the manufacturer of All American Value, Alphina?, Alpine, Basic, Benson & Hedges, Bristol, Bucks, Cambridge, Dave's from 1994, Dunhill, English Ovals, Famous Value in 1993, Galaxy, Marlboro 1954 to present, Marlboro Lights 1971 to present, Merit, Merit Ultra Light, Merit Ultima, Next (denicotinized), Parliament 1958 to present, Philip Morris, Players, Philip Morris Blues in 1987?), Saratoga, and Virginia Slims cigarettes (Allman complaint, L. White, Merchants 1988, Chic. Trib. 12/15/93, NYT 8/7/93, U.S. Dist. J 6/15/93). Philip Morris produces private label cigarettes such as Best Buy for retail chains in 1993 (Chic. Trib. 12/15/93).

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