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The Republic Leadership Council (RLC-PAC) is a political action committee with a mission of "supporting fiscally conservative, socially inclusive Republican candidates at all levels of government." It advocates for "fiscal responsibility and personal freedom," and allows "diverse opinions on social issues." [1]


In an article about election day "phone jamming" in New Hampshire and New Jersey, Josh Marshall noted that Allen Raymond, the president of the phone banking company GOP Marketplace, may have been involved in both cases. At the time, Raymond was the Executive Director of RLC-PAC.

"The RLC is made up of a bunch of high-profile Republicans who you would normally never expect to see connected with such low-rent election dirty tricks," wrote Marshall. "And the RLC, it turns out, hired GOP Marketplace to place calls for them too. The day before the election, the RLC paid GOP Marketplace $28,983.62 for 'phone bank' work." [2]


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Washington, DC office

Republican Leadership Council
Union Station
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Washington, DC 20002

Phone: 202-248-5010
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Republican Leadership Council
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