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Zelnick debates John Stauber on PBS NewsHour about the Pentagon military analyst program.

Robert (Bob) Zelnick is Chairman of the Department of Journalism at Boston University and a Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. From 1978 to 1998, he worked in various correspondent roles at ABC News.[1]

In 1976 Robert Zelnick was "signed on as executive editor for British talk show host David Frost’s televised interviews with disgraced former president Richard Nixon." The Nixon interviews were a huge success and led to a play and a major Hollywood motion picture in 2008 titled "Frost Nixon" in which the Zelnick character was played by Oliver Platt. [2]

In May 2003, Zelnick accused former ABC anchor Peter Jennings of "attempt[ing] to insert his left of center editorial slant into correspondents’ news copy."[3]

In 1999, Zelnick wrote the book Gore: A Political Life (Regnery Publishing, ISBN 0895263262). Zelnick claimed that a dispute over the book forced him to leave ABC News.[3]

In December 2001 Zelnick wrote that "the press does have its role to play in a democracy, even during a time of war. That role is different from those of political or military institutions. The press cannot cease to ask questions and must view bland accounts of progress with skepticism. It cannot become a willing agent of disinformation in what the military euphemistically calls 'the information war.'"[4]


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