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According to the SOS (aka 'Save Our Selves') website, "SOS is the ongoing messaging campaign and larger movement behind Live Earth", an international music and media festival set for July 7, 2007. [1]

"The mission of the SOS campaign is to empower individuals to change their consumer behaviors and motivate corporations and political leaders to enact decisive measures to combat the climate crisis. The message of SOS is that everyone, everywhere can and must Answer the Call to solve the climate crisis. The SOS campaign's identity and language is based on the international Morse code distress call: three dots, followed by three dashes, followed by three dots. The SOS signal will be used as a continuous call to action to prompt individuals, corporations and governments around the world to Answer the Call with immediate and sustained action. The SOS campaign is using a powerful multimedia platform - short films, television and radio PSAs, an interactive web experience, books, the Live Earth concerts themselves - to provide a global audience with the tools to tackle the climate crisis. This multimedia campaign will ensure that the message of Live Earth echoes long after 7/7/07," the website states. [2]

Former US Vice-President Al Gore and the Young & Rubicam advertising conglomerate are among the creators of SOS. [1]

Partners include corporations and non-profit organizations including Microsoft, eBay and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) [2]

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