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Samuel Luo

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Samuel Luo is an anti-Falun Gong activist and certified massage therapist working in San Francisco. In 1999, Samuel says his parents started practicing Falun Gong in San Francisco. Since then, he claims his parents to have suffered physical and mental harm because of Falun Gong, that his attempts to "help his parents to leave" have only resulted in the breaking up of the family, and that after his stepfather had an apparent stroke in January 2002, that Samuel committed himself to what he says is "revealing the truth about the Falun Gong." Since then he has engaged in letter-writing campaigns, blog posts, and use of public websites to promote his message.[1]

Samuel Luo was banned from editing wikipedia in early May, 2007. Arbitrators of wikipedia, after a long investigation and a large amount of evidence, came to the conclusion that Samuel "is a prominent anti-Falun Gong activist who operates He has engaged in edit-warring to promote a viewpoint consistent with his outside activism." According to wikipedia policies, it is forbidden to use wikipedia as a tool for promoting outside agendas.[1] Banned with him was his partner Thomas Brown, who used the name "Tomananda" to edit wikipedia. According to wikipedia's Arbitration Committee, he "engaged in edit-warring and attempts to use Wikipedia for ideological struggle and advocacy." Since the banning, both users have used sockpuppet accounts in an attempt to edit Falun Gong related articles and talk pages. In each instance they were discovered and banned. Samuel Luo has used at least 24 sockpuppets,[2] including several long-term accounts which participated in and presented evidence in the Arbitration case.[3]

Samuel's website: "Exposing the Falun Gong"].

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