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Scott W. Reed is a former GOP Senate staffer [1], "campaign consultant and former campaign manager for Bob Dole's 1996 presidential campaign", who ran the American Taxpayers Alliance (ATA). [2]

In 2004, Reed headed the 527 committee the Republican Leadership Coalition, "a Washington-based group that advocates 'private-sector initiatives to address community-wide problems,' in particular those facing minority communities," according to the Center for Public Integrity [3]

American Taxpayers Alliance

In 2001, Reed told the New York Times "that his organization 'is on a political mission; to shield vulnerable Congressional Republicans from any blame for how Washington responds to California's energy crisis and to put the focus" on Governor Gray Davis. According to Bill Berkowitz in September 2001, to date, the ATA had "spent more than $2 million making life miserable for the governor." [4]


"Scott Reed is not your run of the mill political operative," Berkowitz wrote. "Like his surnamesake Ralph Reed, Scott began his career with Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition. In addition to his service to Dole, a 1996 USA Today profile noted that Reed was deputy regional political director for Ronald Reagan's presidential campaign in 1984; the next year, he became the youngest regional political director" for Republican National Committee (RNC); he then helped run Jack Kemp's Republican presidential campaign in 1988; and from 1989-92, he served as chief of staff to HUD Secretary Jack Kemp. In 1993, Reed was chief of staff for the RNC" ("under Haley Barbour (who received ATA's assistance in his 2003 Mississippi gubernatorial bid)"). [5]

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