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Shahri Estakhry "brings a unique blend of non-profit, cultural, professional and academic experience to NIAC. She was the founder and Chairman of the Iranian-American Scholarship Fund. The scholarship fund is the first of its kind; since its inception it has awarded grants to nearly forty Iranian-American students.

"Prior to establishing the scholarship fund, Shahri co-founded the Persian Cultural Center of San Diego, and served as its chairman for two terms, and was editor-in-chief of its monthly publication, Peyk for ten years. She also founded the Iranian School of San Diego, and has served as Chairman of the San Diego chapter of UNICEF. Shahri is also a member of the Association of Iranian-American Professionals.

"In addition to her non-profit experience, she has worked as an administrative supervisor, school administrator, and a teacher. Currently, Shahri is working in her capacity as Chairman of the $1 a Month Fund charity to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged children around the globe.

"Shahri was born in Shiraz, Iran and lived for a time in Greece before immigrating to the U.S. in 1981."Biography

She serves on the advisory board for the National Iranian American Council.

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