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Sheep Hill Deep Water Port, also known as Port Spencer, is a proposal by Centrex Metals, a small Australian mineral exploration company, for a a multi-cargo port at Port Lincoln in South Australia. While primarily proposed to cater for iron ore exports from South Australia, the project in its early stages was also considered as a possible coal export port; however, it now appears clear that all plans for coal exports from Sheep Hill/Port Spencer have been abandoned.

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Project Details

  • Operator: Centrex Metals
  • Annual Capacity (Tonnes): 3 to 5 million (proposed)
  • Status: Cancelled


in a 2009 presentation Centrex listed a possible use for a new port as being the export of coal from Energy Exploration Ltd's Lock coal project. Centrex stated, based on a "personal comment" from Energy Exploration, that the coal project had a notional start date of 2010 and a possible export range of 3-5 million tonnes per annum.[1] As the project has moved forward into its second phase, it has become clear that the port will focus exclusively on magnetite and hematite exports[2], and there is no longer any mention of coal on the Port Spencer page of the Centrex website.[3].

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