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Simon Bryceson is a PR consultant for "Unilever, BP Amoco, Shell, Rio Tinto, UPM-Kymmene, Hasbro and a number of American companies. He advises on devising and communicating positions when companies come under criticism from public interest groups." [1] Bryceson has worked as deputy general secretary of the British Liberal Party, a three year stint as a lobbyist, then seven years as "the head of public affairs for Burson-Marstellar" before establishing his own consultancy. [2]

On his website he states that he has "worked with major multinationals in every industrial sector including BP on climate change, Unilever on fish stocks, Rio Tinto on mining accidents, the chemical and nuclear industries on communicating on risk. Advising the pharmaceutical industry on healthcare reform, and the American chemical Industry on communicating in Europe. He served on the central body of Unilever dealing with the introduction of GMO foods for three years, devising the communication, working on risk assessment and cultural difference." [3]

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