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The Solid Energy coal to diesel project is a notional coal-to-diesel (alternatively referred to as coal-to-liquid-fuels) project which is under consideration by Solid Energy, a government-owned coal company.

In its 2011 annual report, Solid Energy soberly stated that "we continued our development of lignite to transport fuel options and are currently evaluating a range of technologies to transform lignite into diesel and aviation fuels. Technologies are at various stages of commercial maturity and each technology provides advantages and disadvantages that must be assessed against commercial, environmental and social criteria." It noted that "in the year, we assessed a new transport fuels technology under development by Australian company Ignite Energy Resources Pty Ltd, but did not consider that the very early development status of this technology justified proceeding to a full licence agreement at this time."[1]

Project Details

Owner: Solid Energy
Location: Southland, New Zealand; no specific location has been mentioned yet
Status: Preliminary studies
Production capacity:
Type of coal: Lignite
Main markets:

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  1. Solid Energy, "Annual report 2011", Solid Energy, page 29.

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