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Sovereignty International Incorporated (SII) is a "not-for-profit, educational 501(c)(3), non-membership organization." SII states on its website[1] that it "exists to promote the belief that best government is empowered only by the consent of those who are governed. The consent of those who are governed can only be expressed by free and open elections of officials who are exclusively responsible for enacting public policy. We believe this bedrock principle of government and societal organization is essential to the maintenance of the foundational principles of individual freedom, inalienable private property rights, free markets and national sovereignty."

Documents Contained at the Anti-Environmental Archives
Documents written by or referencing this person or organization are contained in the Anti-Environmental Archive, launched by Greenpeace on Earth Day, 2015. The archive contains 3,500 documents, some 27,000 pages, covering 350 organizations and individuals. The current archive includes mainly documents collected in the late 1980s through the early 2000s by The Clearinghouse on Environmental Advocacy and Research (CLEAR), an organization that tracked the rise of the so called "Wise Use" movement in the 1990s during the Clinton presidency. Access the index to the Anti-Environmental Archives here.


SII states that[2] "Individuals may support [its] work by direct contributions, and by subscription to [its] publication and Internet services."


The following is according to the "Who We Are" page for Sovereignty International.[3]

Board of Directors

Advisory Council

The SII Advisory Council "consists of selected individuals and organizations that have special expertise in every facet of U.N. activity. They provide regular updates on issues and events within their area of expertise."[4]

Contact information

1229 Broadway #313
Bangor, ME 04401
Phone: 207 945-9878


P.O. Box 191
Hollow Rock, TN 38342
Phone: 731 986-0099

Resources and articles


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