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  • ...of [[Barack Obama]]'s presidential transition team after the 2008 election and former Chief of Staff for President [[Bill Clinton]]. ...message discipline among the pro-Obama organizations, with a direct tie to the White House.
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  • ...[John Thune]]. [,2933,137397,00.html] He was the first "Senate leader in half a century to be voted out of office." Reuters ...nternational coalition of progressive leaders dedicated to the development and exchange of progressive policy ideas.
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  • ...arty]] primaries, fundraised and organized for him, and has become perhaps the lead lobby organization for his policies in 2009, apart from Obama's own [[ ...than 5 million email addresses of political progressives, its members, in the United State (although only a fraction - typically well under 10% - respond
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  • ...riday, January 24, 2003. The Democrats requested a delay on the vote, [and the Committee was rescheduled to] vote on Estrada on January 30, 2003. ...rtner in the law firm that represented President [[George W. Bush]] before the [[Supreme Court]] during his post-election legal fight with [[Al Gore]]. Es
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  • H. Koch|David]] and [[Charles G. Koch|Charles]] [[Koch brothers|Koch]], the owners of [[Koch Industries]].<ref>Peter Overby, "[ ...d congressional Democrats," including $83 million on "communications, ads, and media."<ref>Michael Beckel, "[
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  • ...r of Commerce, "[ About the U.S. Chamber]," organizational website, accessed August 2015.</ref> ...olluting industries," according to [[James Carter]], executive director of the [[Green Chamber of Commerce]].<ref>Tom Lochner, [http://www.contracostatime
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  • ...oOwnsNature.pdf Who Owns Nature? Corporate Power and the Final Frontier in the Commodification of Life], international civil society organizational report ...l studies that found what the agency called “convincing evidence” that the chemical caused cancer in laboratory animals."<ref>Environmental Working Gr
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  • ...osition of the appointees to the commission, its limited reach, its timing and its tightly mandated direction. ...Herbert Walker Bush|GHW Bush]] while still serving in the Active Military and his subsequent promotion to Deputy DCI upon retirement belie this analysis)
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  • ...omes from sources other than legislative dues, primarily from corporations and corporate foundations.<ref>{{cite web |publisher=Center for Media and Democracy
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  • ...s-politics/politics/200911/50-most-powerful-people-in-dc?slide=24#slide=24 The 50 Most Powerful People in D.C.], GQ, November, 2009</ref>. one of only three trade associations to be in the "Power 25" every time the list was published.<ref name="Bio"/>
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  • ...'']]. To see a listing of coal waste sites in a particular state, click on the map: {{#ev:youtube|Vf5AFyE6cw0|300|right|60 Minutes on coal waste}}Coal mining and coal combustion in power plants produce several types of wastes:
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  • ...[[Wade Rathke]], a community and [[Labor union|labor]] organizer, in 1970. The current national president of ACORN is [[Maude Hurd]]. ...s win reform through direct actions, negotiations, working with the media, and, sometimes, by getting involved in electoral politics.
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  • ...tion drugs and medical supplies including Cordis and Ethicon. [[Centocor]] and [[McNeil Laboratories]] are pharmaceutical subsidiaries of J&J. ...Its CEO, [[William C. Weldon]], earned $28.7 million in total compensation the same year.<ref>[ Wil
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  • ...right|The Xcel Energy Center is an arena in St. Paul which was the site of the [[Republican National Convention]] in September, 2008.]] ...akota, Texas, and Wisconsin. Xcel serves 3.3 million electricity customers and 1.8 million natural gas customers in these eight states.<ref name="xcel">[h
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  • "Vets for Freedom... Win the War?"], ''SWAC Girl'' Blog, July 12, 2007.</ref> ...l Vets for Freedom now rename its pro-victory in Iraq campaign "<u>Win</u> the War! Success in Iraq"?
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  • ...ort, November 2008, accessed July 2012</ref> Bayer is in the leadership of the [[American Legislative Exchange Council]] (ALEC). year, the company reported sales of approximately $50.1 billion dollars and had over 100,000 employees.<ref>[
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  • the Center for Responsive Politics as "pro-Republican", "pro-business", and "established to directly counter labor's influence".<ref name="open">Center ...related to two California ballot initiatives; two other groups involved in the scheme were found to have engaged in campaign money laundering, paying $1 m
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  • ...tor [[Pete Hegseth]] wrote that VFF "stood up State Chapters in 26 states" and next week plans to "formally announce 5 additional State Chapters." ...ans to attend town hall meetings hosted by [[U.S. Senate|senators]] during the summer recess."<ref name="Pfeiffer">Eric Pfeiffer, [
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  • | company_type = Methane gas drilling, oil and coal ...ed chemicals in its fluids, in violation of an agreement drillers had with the EPA.<ref>[
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  • ...xins accumulate and can interfere with reproduction, growth, and behavior, and can even cause death.<ref>[ ...nneapolis, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, St. Louis and Austin. Texas led the nation in mercury air pollution from coal-fired power in 2009.<ref>[http://
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