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  • * Dr [[Vivian Nathanson]], Head of Science and Ethics, BMA ...drug sponsored a private breakfast seminar which invited senior government figures to discuss "democratising health".
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  • is posting US Senate Recount Data each day the recount continues. Figures include ballots counted for each candidate and ballots challenged by each c LWV of Minnesota, Judith A. Stuthman & Vivian Jenkins Nelsen, Co-Presidents
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  • ...ages in deception when talking to his targets - who are largely not public figures - and deceptive and context-stripping editing, to present his targets unfav ...purported Muslim would-be donors and NPR fundraiser Ron Schiller, NPR head Vivian Schiller (no relation) was forced by her board to resign. As it transpired
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  • ...about one death every 7.4 days.<ref name="Xiaohui"/> According to official figures, at least 3,200 people died in China's mines in 2008.<ref>[http://chinadigi ...Dolcoath mine in 1893 when a large stoping collapsed.<ref>{{cite book|last=Vivian|first=John|title=Tales of the Cornish Miners|publisher=H. E. Warne Ltd|loca
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