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Students for America was founded in 1984 by Ralph Reed as "a conservative student network on 200 campuses." [1]

Miscellaneous Notes

  • October 1994: "Students for America (SFA), located in Raleigh, North Carolina, is dedicated to advancing conservatism, patriotism and Judeo-Christian values. SFA states it has 6,000 members on 175 campuses, who are 'the mirror image of the liberal student activists in the sixties,' according to the group's statement of purpose. After recent visits to campus chapters Executive Director Jonathan Roberts has seen a clear increased interest in SFA because now 'there's a policy maker making liberal policy.'
  • Before heading the national office, Roberts joined the SFA chapter at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill because he felt they were the only organization on campus involved in discussing the issues. 'With the College Democrats and Republicans, party politics get in the way of issues,' Roberts said. The current issue of choice is the Clinton health plan which, Roberts says, 'We are opposed to for the most part.'" [2]
  • In January 1996, a speech at "a $30-a-plate fund-raiser" in Greensboro, NC, given by Presidential candidate Alan Keyes "was sponsored by Students for America, a group based in Charlotte that is seeking to promote conservative thought among college students." [3]
  • "In October [1998], the Students for America, funded heavily by local and national conservative Christian organizations sponsored Michael Johnston, who identified himself as 'a former homosexual,' and who wanted to share 'hope for those who want to overcome,' but presented it under the facade of a talk dealing with AIDS. Johnston, a self-identified former drug dealer and abuser who has AIDS, is founder and president of Kerusso Ministries, an ex-gay group that sponsors 'National Coming Out of Homosexuality Day.' He is funded by groups such as: Christian Coalition, American Family Association, Exodus International, and many more." [5]


  • George Uribe II, "President, Uribe Communications; former deputy campaign manager, Woody Jenkins for U.S. Senate; former national political director, Alan Keyes for President; former national chairman, Students for America; former candidate, North Carolina House of Representatives; graduate Non-Commissioned Officers Academy, Fort Jackson, SC; member, Providence Baptist Church. Raleigh, North Carolina." [7]

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