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The Sugar Research Foundation is the former name of the Sugar Association, and was founded by members of the U.S. sugar industry. It is a lobbying group for the sugar industry. The Sugar Research Foundation began in 1943 and was nominally dedicated to the scientific study of sugar's role in food, as well as communication of that role to the public. The Association assumed its current name, the Sugar Association, in 1947. Initially, the Association had two divisions: Sugar Information, Inc. focused on public education and communication, and the Sugar Research Foundation developed and supported scientific research regarding sugar. The Research foundation changed its name to the World Sugar Research Organisation, Ltd., in 1968.[1]

Nutritional issues

The Sugar Association maintains that sugar is an essential and healthy part of the diet. The maintains that sugars are not "uniquely fattening." The Association's website says, "Nutrition experts consistently recommend increasing carbohydrates to achieve a healthful diet."[2]

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