Super Size Me (movie 2004)

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The 2004 film documentary Super Size Me, "a critical look at the health impact of a fast-food only diet, has been downsized at cable network MTV which has refused to air advertisements for the film, its distributors said" May 26, 2004. [1]

"For Super Size Me, director Morgan Spurlock ate nothing but food from McDonald's restaurants over 30-day period, and if asked whether he wanted the larger, 'supersize' meal, he always said yes.

"Over the month, he gains weight and his health declines. Documenting the impact are not only the cameras but also his doctors. Spurlock mixes in various facts and figures about food and dieting as he travels the United States talking to health and food experts in 20 cities.

"In March, McDonald's said it would eliminate its supersize menu options by year end. At that time, a company spokeswoman said the decision was unrelated to the movie." [2]

"Super Size Me has been a hit at box offices, and it earned Spurlock the Grand Jury Prize for best documentary director at this year's Sundance Film Festival." See related news links.