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The list of 42 states with their economists.

            1.         ALABAMA    (Rep. Flippo)
                        professor Robert B. Ekelund, Jr.
                        Auburn University
                        Auburn, Alabama
            2.         ARIZONA
                        Professor Roger L. Faith
                        Arizona State University
                        Tempe, Arizona
            3.         ARKANSAS (Rep. Anthony, Sen. Pryor)
                        Professor David Gay
                        University of Arkansas
                        Fayetteville, Arkansas
            4.         CALIFORNIA (Rep. Matsui, Rep. Stark,'Rep. Thomas)
                       Professor Thomas Borcherding
                       Claremont Graduate School
                       Claremont, California
             5.        COLORADO (Sen. Armstrong)
                       Professor Barry Poulson
                       University of Colorado
                       Boulder, Colorado
            6.         CONNECTICUT (Rep. Kennelly)
                       Professor Dominick Armentano
                       University of Hartford
                       West Hartford, Connecticut
            7.         DELAWARE (Sen. Roth)
                       Professor Burton Abrams
                       University of Delaware
                       Newark, Delaware
             8.    FLORIDA    (Rep. Gibbons)
                       Professor Richard Wagner
                       Florida State University
                       Tallahassee, Florida
            9.         GEORGIA    (Rep. Fowler, Rep. Jenkins)
                       Professor Fred McChesney
                       Emory University
                       Atlanta, Georgia
10. HAWAII      (Rep. Heftel, Sen. Matsunaga)

11. IDAHO       (Sen. Symms)
    Professor Allan Dalton
    Boise State University
    Boise, Idaho
12. ILLINOIS (Rep. Crane, Rep. Rostenkowski, Rep. Russo)
    Professor Kathy Hayes
    Northern Illinois University
    DeKalb, Illinois
13. INDIANA    (Rep. Jacobs)
    Professor Cecil Johnson
    Ball State University
    Muncie, Indiana
14. IOWA    (Sen. Grassley)
     Professor Thomas Pogue
     University of Iowa
     Iowa City, Iowa
15. KANSAS      (Sen. Dole)
     Professor Sherman Hanna
     Kansas State University
     Manhattan, Kansas
16. LOUISIANA    (Rep. Moore, Sen. Long)
     Professor Michael Kurth
     McNeese State University
     Lake Charles, Louisiana
17. MAINE      (Sen. Mitchell)

     Professor David Laband
     University of Maryland, Baltimore County
     Catonsville, Maryland
19. MASSACHUSETTS (Rep. Donnelly)
         Professor Lee Alston
         William College
         Williamstown, Massachusetts
20.       MICHIGAN (Rep. VanderJagt)
          Professor Paul Menchik
          Michigan State University
          East Lansing, Michigan
21.       MINNESOTA (Rep. Frenzel, Sen. Durenberger)
           Professor Raymond Raab
           University of Minnesota - Duluth
           Duluth, Minnesota
22.       MISSOURI (Rep. Gephardt, Sen. Danforth)
           professor Arthur Denzau
           Washington University
           St. Louis, Missouri
23.       MONTANA    (Sen. Baucus)
           Professor Terry Anderson
           Montana State University
           Bozeman, Montana
            Professor Dolores Martin
            University of Nebraska
            Lincoln, Nebraska
 25.       NEW HAMPSHIRE
            Professor Dennis Logue
            Dartmouth College
            Hanover, New Hampshire
  26. NEW JERSEY (Rep. Guarini, Sen. Bradley)
             Professor Michael Crew
             Rutgers University
             Newark, New Jersey
  27.       NEW MEXICO
             Professor Allen Parkman
             University of New Mexico
             Albuquerque, New Mexico
         Professor Kenneth V. Greene
         Binghampton, New York         .
   Professor Harold M. Hochman
   City University of New York
   New York, New York
29.       NORTH DAKOTA    (Rep. Dorgan)
         Professor Cliff Dobitz
         North Dakota State
         Fargo, North Dakota
30.       OHIO     (Rep. Gradison, Rep. Pease)
          Professor Richard Vedder
          Ohio University
          Athens, OH
31.       OKLAHOMA (Rep. Jones, Sen. Boren)
          Professor Joseph Jadlow
          Oklahoma State University
          Stillwater, Oklahoma
32.       OREGON                (Sen. Packwood)
          Professor Randall Eberts
          University of Oregon
          Eugene, Oregon
33.       PENNSYLVANIA    (Rep. Schulze, Rep. Coyne, Sen. Heinz)
          Professor Anne Harper-Fender
          Gettysburg College
          Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
34. RHODE ISLAND     (Sen. Chafee)
          Professor Arthur Mead
          University of Rhode Island
          Kingston, Rhode Island
35. SOUTH CAROLINA    (Rep. Campbell)
          Professor Ryan Amacher
          Clemson University
          Clemson, South Carolina
    Professor Dennis Hein
    Augustana College
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota
37. TENNESSEE     (Rep. Ford, Rep. Duncan)
    Professor William Peterson
    University of Tennessee-Chatanooga
    Chatanooga, Tennessee
38. TEXAS        (Rep. Pickle, Rep. Archer, Sen. Bentsen)
    Professor Henry Butler
    Texas A&M University
    College Station, Texas
    Professor Celeste Gaspari
    University of Vermont
    Burlington, Vermont
     Professor Morris Coates
     Marshall University
     Huntington, West Virginia
     Professor William Hunter
     Marquette University
     Milwaukee, Wisconsin
42. WYOMING    (Sen. Wallop)
     Professor Todd Sandler
     University of Wyoming
     Laramie, Wyoming

Later I want to put this info in a nice table.

Bonzai 21:04, 23 Jul 2004 (EDT)

Thomas Borcherding (April 1984) [1]

We identified an economist, Tom [Borcherding], to testify against California Senate Bill 1961, which calls for excise tax increases. The agency prepared his testimony, which he will give May 2.

Undated pamphlet of the Committee on Taxation and Economic Growth called 'The U.S. "Deserves to Have a Tax System Which Looks Like Someone Designed it on Purpose' [2] Five people are mentioned for this committee: Harold M. Hochman, Thomas E. Borcherding, Fred McChesney, Robert D. Tollison and Dolores Martin.